FirstBank CashBack Checking

FirstBank CashBack Checking FirstBank CashBack Checking FirstBank CashBack Checking

FirstBank CashBack Checking

FirstBank CashBack Checking

The Checking Account that Pays You Back! With today's interest rates at all-time lows, checking accounts don't earn the money they used to. With CashBack Checking, you can earn ten cents when you use your debit card!* That adds up fast!

Plus, with Purchase Rewards, you can earn cash rewards or discounts at select retailers when you make purchases with your FirstBank & Trust CashBack Debit Card! No other bank in town makes it this easy to earn money on your account!

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FirstBank CashBack Checking

Our Online Banking and Mobile Apps are the best in Lubbock! We have invested in the latest technology to provide you with the best online experience. If you use our new system, you will agree.


FirstBank CashBack Checking

FinanceWorks simplifies the way you manage your finances. Create budgets, set goals, track your spending and view categorized and charted data from all of your accounts in one place. That's right, with our Account Aggregation, you can access accounts from more than 16,000 Financial Institutions including credit cards, mortgages, retirement accounts and auto loans!


FirstBank CashBack Checking

Managing your bills has never been easier! In minutes, you can set up all the companies you pay bills to and schedule payments with ease. Once they've been set up, you can use our Mobile App to schedule payments, receive confirmation and view upcoming payments.

Mobile Banking

FirstBank CashBack Checking

There's only one app in town that will let you view all of your accounts, pay bills and deposit checks! See account transaction history, transfer money between accounts, schedule bills and use your smartphone's camera to take a photo of your check and deposit it into your account! One app does it all!

SMS Text Banking

FirstBank CashBack Checking

Send a text message to your account and it will text you back! Receive text messages with your last 5 transactions, account balance and even transfer money between accounts!

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FirstBank CashBack Checking

EZ Switch

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We know the hardest thing about switching banks is switching banks! It takes hours to move your direct deposits, automatic payments and automatic bill payments. That's why we devloped and trademarked EZ Switch! With EZ Switch, we do the work for you! Just bring us your last month's bank statement and fill out our EZ Switch form. Then, we contact your utility company, sources for direct deposit and other companies you conduct business with. We take care of switching those accounts to your NEW FirstBank & Trust CashBack Checking Account! We do all the work so you don't have to interrupt your busy life!

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Q: What is EZ Switch?

EZ Switch is the easiest way to switch to a new checking account at FirstBank & Trust. Simply bring us your last month's bank statement from your previous bank. We will identify what payments and deposits you have already set up. We'll need you to sign a form giving us permission to contact those companies and/or individuals on your behalf to switch them to your new FirstBank & Trust Account Number and Routing Number.We will then contact those businesses and/or individuals and switch them to your new account.

Q: Are you able to switch all of my current bill payments and direct deposits to my new account with EZ Switch?

We make every effort to switch all bill payments and direct deposits to your new account. However, there are some companies that refuse to make changes to an account without directly hearing from the customer. We will gladly contact them with you in one of our branches, or you will need to contact them at your convenience.

*Ten Cents ($.10) is the amount paid per signature based transaction.
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Branch Locations

  • FirstBank Centre
    9816 Slide Road
    Lubbock, TX 79424
  • FirstBank South
    7806 Indiana Ave.
    Lubbock, TX 79423
  • FirstBank MidCity
    3405 22nd Street
    Lubbock, TX 79410
  • FirstBank Tahoka
    1910 Lockwood
    Tahoka, TX 79373
  • FirstBank Wilson
    2000 Green Ave.
    Wilson, TX 79381
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Q: How do I earn Cash Back on my checking account?

With a CashBack checking account, when you use your debit card as a Signature Based Transaction you will earn ten cents ($.10) per transaction*. Don't let bank terminology confuse you. To put it another way, as long as you don't use a PIN (Personal Identification Number) you will earn CashBack Reward(s). That means if you use your card at an ATM or use your PIN to make a purchase, you will not earn a CashBack Reward for that transaction. Qualifying CashBack Rewards accumulate throughout the month. Currently there is no limit to the amount of rewards you may earn. For example, if you make 100 qualifying purchases in one month, $10 in CashBack Rewards will be deposited into your account. If you make 200 qualifying purchases, $20 will be deposited into your account.

Q: I already have a checking account at FirstBank & Trust. How can I change my account to a CashBack Checking account?

There are several ways to change your current account to a cashback checking account.

FirstBank CashBack Checking

Your account number, checks and debit card will remain the same and you can immediately begin earning CashBack Rewards!

Q: When I swiped my card, the credit card machine automatically asked me for my PIN.   What do I need to do in order to allow me to sign for my purchase?

Many stores have this option set up as a convenience for the customer. All machines will allow you to cancel the PIN prompt and use your card with a signature.   Ask the cashier to help you make a credit transaction instead of a debit transaction. This usually involves simply hitting the "Cancel" or "Enter" button, which will cause a screen to be displayed that will allow you to sign for your purchase.

Q: Why do you only give CashBack Rewards for Signature transactions and not PIN transactions?

In today's banking environment, fraud and theft are our utmost concern. We go to great efforts to protect our customers' identity and their money. A lot of fraud occurs today by stealing a debit card number, not the physical card itself. A PIN is a simple four digit number which computer hackers can easily compromise with sophisticated algorithms. Even with modern technology, it is still much harder to forge a signature than it is to steal a PIN number. If fraudulent charges ever occur on your debit card, Visa ensures that you will have no liability for purchases made by signature based transactions. That's why we have chosen to reward Signature transactions and not reward PIN transactions.

Q: I used my debit card at a store, but they did not ask me to sign my receipt. Do I still earn a CashBack Reward?

Yes! As long as you did not use your PIN, you will earn the reward.

Q: Why do some stores allow you to make a purchase without signing a receipt?

Many stores will allow small purchases without a signature simply for the sake of convenience. A store may elect to allow these transactions under a certain dollar amount. They don't want to take up a customer's time and the time of the customers in line by forcing someone to sign for every transaction. They assume the risk in the event that a thief has used a stolen card to make that purchase. For purchases over a certain amount, they usually require a signature.

Q: I used my debit card while buying gas. I was asked to enter my ZIP code.   Do I still earn a CashBack Reward?

Yes! As long as you did not use your four digit PIN, you will earn the reward.

Q: I made a qualifying purchase, but I still don't see any money deposited into my account. When will I see the deposit?

CashBack Rewards are tabulated throughout your account statement cycle and then deposited on the last day of your statement cycle. Check your transaction history on your statement to see the amount of CashBack Rewards you've earned in your account each month.

Q: Is there a limit to how much cash I can earn using CashBack Checking?

Currently there is no cap or limit to how much money you can earn with CashBack Checking. The only limit is the amount per transaction of ten cents ($.10). For example, if you make 100 qualifying purchases in one month, you will earn $10 that will be deposited into your account on the last day of your account statement cycle.

Q: What if I make a qualifying purchase and then return the item(s)?

If you return any of the items you purchased, an amount of ten cents ($.10) will be debited from your CashBack Rewards accumulation per return transaction.  Example: If you make 100 qualifying purchases in a month, but make 2 returns at businesses where you made those purchases, then you now only have 98 qualifying purchases.  In this scenario, a deposit in the amount of $9.80 will be made into your account at the end your statement cycle.

*Terms and Conditions

*Ten Cents ($.10) is the amount paid as of September 4th, 2012. We reserve the right to determine in our sole discretion whether a particular FirstBank & Trust CashBack Debit Card or cardholder is eligible to participate in the Program. Cash Back Rewards are issued per account. We may modify, restrict or change the Program at any time. Such changes may include changing the value you earn or imposing, increasing or eliminating cash back caps, or changing the conditions under which your cash back rewards expire or are forfeited. We also reserve the right to suspend or terminate the Program, or your participation in the Program, or to change the redemption value of the cash back rewards already accumulated at any time without compensation to you.
Download Terms and Conditions (PDF)